Testing for APD

We can complete a comprehensive evaluation of Auditory Processing on children 7 years and older. Prior to scheduling this examination, we require a pre-assessment phone call to discuss the specific needs of each patient. Testing appointments are scheduled for 2 hours.

Auditory Processing Examinations will evaluate all of the following areas:

~ Comprehensive Hearing Test: assessment of outer, middle and inner ear structures & function

~ Auditory discrimination: the ability to identify individual speech sounds

~ Dichotic Listening: integration and separation of competing sounds coming into both ears

~ Binaural interaction: localization of sounds and detection of an acoustic signal hidden in noise

~ Temporal pattern recognition: ability to identify the order or pattern of non-speech stimuli

~ Auditory closure: evaluates how the brain fills in the gaps when parts of the acoustic signal are absent

~ Auditory figure ground: measures the ability to understand speech while in presence of noise

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