Fee for Services Provided

Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluation: $195

  • Health and Medical History
  • Immittance Testing Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Threshold Testing
  • Pure-tone air conduction and bone conduction audiometry
  • Speech recognition ability in quiet
  • Speech recognition ability in competing noise

Tinnitus Evaluation: $225

  • Health and Medical History
  • Tinnitus History and Severity Measures
  • Extended high frequency Pure-tone air conduction & bone conduction 250-20,000 Hz
  • Tinnitus Pitch-Matching, Intensity Matching and Masking Level Assessment
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing
  • Speech recognition ability in quiet
  • Speech recognition ability in competing noise

Auditory Processing Evaluation: $795-1100

  • Detailed health history, learning assessments and evaluation of other allied health care referrals and outcomes.
  • Consultation with patient and family regarding communication challenges and goals.
  • Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluation Behavioral and Objective
  • Standardized and normative tests for each auditory processing domain
  • Discrimination of speech and tonal signals
  • Perception with competing acoustic signals
  • Localization and Lateralization of sound
  • Temporal processing of sound
  • Accuracy with degraded signals (Time Compressed and Filtered Words)
  • Recommendations to establish a treatment and accommodation plan

Hearing Aids: New Patients with existing treatment of hearing loss

Communication Needs Assessment: $125

Evaluation of hearing sensitivity with current technology including Real Ear Verification, Speech understanding in quiet, Speech understanding in competing noise. Evaluation of the fit, feel and features of current hearing loss treatment.

Hearing Aid Programming: $165

For new and existing hearing aid users we will complete a thorough cleaning, verification with electroacoustic analysis, modifications and reprogramming of current settings based on the most current audiologic evaluation outcomes.

Office Visit: $75

For cleaning and checking of current technology and required maintenance within warranty.

Ear Cleaning: $55

Out of warranty repair: $175-300

Repairs and warranty which require manufacturer parts and modifications of current equipment. Cost will be determined at the time of visit based on needs of each device.

Custom Hearing Protection starting at $150

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