Do I need a hearing test

Do I need a Hearing Test?

Hearing is how we connect to everyone and everything in the world around us. Most often changes to hearing are very gradual and difficult to notice. Hearing loss occurs one sound at a time and one conversation at a time. Because of this, we test one ear at a time!

If you have started to notice changes to how well you hear, then it is time to get your hearing tested. Completing a baseline hearing test is the best way to understand the health of your auditory system. We use a variety of tests to determine your hearing sensitivity and make it a priority to educate you on your results. We promise to make it a fun and educational experience.


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Treatment for hearing loss

Treatment for Hearing Loss

No two people are alike and no one solution is appropriate to treat all hearing losses. When it comes to finding the best treatment option for each individual, we believe in patient care and patient choice.

The most effective treatment considers the severity of hearing loss, the source of the hearing loss, and the specific listening and communication needs of each person.

We carry a comprehensive selection of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Today's technology is delivering better hearing for a new generation and we are excited to educate our patients about the ways they can utilize these solutions to reconnect.

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Communication Tips

Communication Tips

Once hearing loss is diagnosed, it is important to focus on all the ways you can improve communication. Below are a few helpful tips for everyday conversations:

1- Call the person by name to gain their attention before speaking

2- Face the speaker and try to maintain eye contact

3- Speak in a normal voice. There is no need to speak loudly as it can distort the words.

4- Find a quiet place if possible. Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible

Just a few small changes can make a big difference in clear communication.

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